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    1. Hi Dorothy- We do ship to the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany (as well as the U.S.). Thanks!

  1. I would VERY MUCH like to order the complete set of “Yoga for Health”. However, when I enter my visa information it says that it cannot accept it. I don’t know why that is because it has never been declined before. At any rate, do you have a phone number that I may place the order or what is your address that I may send a check? I am looking forward to watching these DVDs soon. Your speedy reply would be much appreciated. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Sally- Sorry to hear you had trouble entering your visa info! We’re working on upgrading our credit card processing, but in the meantime, we have a couple of different options for you to get the DVDs.

      We just sent you an invoice via Paypal, which you should have already received. It has a link in it that should allow you to pay with your credit card. If that doesn’t work, another option is to purchase the DVD set from our page on Bonanza.com.

      You can also mail us a check, but of course this would be a slower option. You can make the check out to RichardHittleman.com, and mail it to:
      PO Box 380173
      CAMBRIDGE MA 02238

      If you have any questions please let us know. Sorry again for the inconvenience, and thanks for your interest in “Yoga For Health” Sally!

  2. Thanks so much for your speedy reply. I will try your suggestions. Look forward to re-living the days of my youth by doing “yoga for health” with Richard Hittleman. YEA!! :-)

  3. Hello – I see you ship to the UK. Great! But will it play on Uk DVD players when it gets here? I think that is DVD region 2.

    I used to have course 1 on VHS but sadly no more – would love to have it back again!

    1. Hi Mark- Yes our discs will play in UK/region 2 DVD players, we’ve had many happy customers in the UK. Our DVD’s are actually non-region specific, meaning they will play in all regions. Hope that helps, and thanks for your interest in “Yoga For Health”!

    1. Richard Hittleman was a teacher of Hatha Yoga. Although there is not a particular teacher we can recommend, if you look for instructors that teach traditional “Hatha Yoga” (as opposed to methods such as Vinyasa, Kundalini or Ashtanga) you should find the instruction to be very similar to Richard Hittleman’s yoga. Having said that, please keep in mind that by definition, “Hatha” is the physical practice of yoga, which is a broader category that most types of yoga fall under. It being one of the six original branches of yoga, “Hatha Yoga” encompasses nearly all types of yoga. But with contemporary teaching today, videos or studio classes referred to as “Hatha Yoga” are generally a basic and classical approach to yogic breathing exercises and postures. So that’s where you would find teachings similar to Richard Hittleman’s.

      We hope that helps to answer your question!

      Wishing you health and peace,


    1. Hi Pamela- Thank you for your interest in Richard Hittleman’s Yoga for Health. Is it the recipe Whole Wheat Bread that you’re looking for? If so, here it is:

        Whole Wheat Bread (from Richard Hittleman’s Yoga for Health)

      1/4 cup molasses
      1/8 cup vegetable based margarine or oil
      2 tsp sea salt
      1 cups warm, plant based milk such as almond milk or soy milk (plain, unsweetened)
      1 cups warm water
      1 tbs dry yeast
      5 to 6 cups organic whole wheat flour

      Stir molasses, margarine or oil and salt into milk in large bowl. Add water and yeast. Add half of flour and beat until smooth. Knead in remaining flour. Knead well and place in very large oiled bowl, turning dough to coat entire surface with oil. Cover with towel and let rise to warm draft-free area until doubled in volume. Punch down and let double again. Form into 2 loaves. Place in oiled 9 x 5 inch loaf pans and let rise until dough reaches tops of pans. Preheat oven to 350. Bake until loaves sound hollow when tapped, about 1 hour. Turn out onto racks to cool before slicing.
      Makes two 9×5 inch loaves.

      We hope this is helpful. Wishing you health and peace!

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