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This website is a labor of love dedicated to keeping the legacy of Richard Hittleman accessible to the general public. His seminal TV series “Yoga For Health” has been difficult to find for many decades, so we have endeavored to make it readily available in an affordable format. Each DVD features five programs, and each program is approximately 25 minutes long (more than two hours of yoga instruction per DVD!). While all programs have been restored and remastered to the extent possible, the original footage is many decades old and imperfections remain. The quality of the video will not match today’s standards in terms of fidelity and resolution, however the content itself remains timeless. Wishing you health and peace!

Richard Hittleman - Yoga For Health

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thanks for restoring Richard hittleman’s yoga programs. I am looking forward to practicing yoga with him again.

  2. I remember my Mom following the Richard Hittleman’s TV Series. I was little, and watching her do the asanas later in the day was beautiful.
    Of course,,,I began to try some,,,, I happened to be very limber and loved the feeling of the Yoga Asanas.
    My Mom & I practiced together. A true joyful time we shared.
    Many years later,, I still practice ‘with’ Mr. Hittleman…..
    I have gotten other books,,,,honestly,,I think everything in Richard Hittleman’s books and the series of specialty pamphlets are really all I need.
    I have gotten one set of this DVD series,,,,, ( have them also on VHS for way back! )….
    and am getting another set of the DVD Series as a spare!!
    Mr. Hittleman is a gift,,,one to cherish,,,
    I hope to see the Pamphlet Series brought back on here,,,, Please bring them back in Print….I will buy several of the entire sets.

    I am also still trying to get his older book,,,, The Busy Person’s Guide to Physical Fitness,,,if you know any way I can get a copy,,,PLEASE PLEASE please help me get it also……
    Gratefully yours,,,,love & Peace,,,, Om Shanti…. Doris Jeanne Ferriere

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